Temporary Staff

Recently established, but employing long-term and established staff, Compassionate Healthcare set out with one purpose – to provide well trained and experienced staff in different settings of healthcare, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Compassionate Healthcare helps you to find good quality staff to cover your emergency staffing needs. We train our team and we have competent staff and Support workers across the UK.

Our staff have experience and they are competent in all areas we provide care. Compassionate Healthcare Nursing Agency’s program is co-ordinated by a registered nurse who oversees its administration, ensuring that the needs of our patients and professional standards remain at the heart of our service delivery. Our nurses and Health care staff will work with you to provide a personal care plan to meet your needs.

If the care is required in a nursing, homes or any other environment of care, we will meet the needs to prepare the care plan. Our managers are contactable 24hrs a day by dedicated telephone and email services. We will always seek to ensure care is personalised through a small number of careers.

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